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House of Representatives

The House of Representatives is a reflection of the population / districts of each State in the US.

435 voting members.

6 non-voting members.


2 year terms.  

No term limits.

Paid $174,000 per year plus a lifetime pension.

Outside pay is limited to 15% of salary.

Over 50% are millionaires

We explore the voting record of the House of Representatives of Congress to evaluate the impact of their activity.  Why?  Because RESULTS MATTER. 


The average length of service is over 4 terms.  That gives 8 years to get things done.

In the 116th Congress, the Representatives have an average age of about 58 years old.  The youngest is 31 (first 2 year term) and the oldest is 87 years old serving since 1973 with 48 years of service and running for reelection!.  What has he accomplished in almost half a century?

House or Representative Members:

  • 14 have served over 30 years.

  • 54 have served over 20 years.

  • 106 have served 10 to 20 years (5 to 10 terms).

  • 70 have served 8 years (4 terms).

  • 45 have served 6 years (3 terms).

  • 52 have served 4 years (2 terms).

  • 108 have served 2 years (1 term).

Their job is to work for us, the American people.  

How have they been doing?

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