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The Senate has 2 representatives for each State in the US.

100 people.


6 year terms.  

No term limits.

Paid $174,000 per year plus a lifetime pension.

Over 50% are millionaires.

30% have an average net worth between $5M and $215M.

We explore the voting record of the Senators to evaluate the impact of their activity.  Why?  Because RESULTS MATTER. 


Six years is a long time to get things done.  When a Senator is reelected, that's 12 years.  When a Senator has a third term, that's a career.

  • 18 of the Senators have served over 20 years.  One has served over 44 years and 3 over 32 years!

  • 35 Senators have served 3 or more terms.

  • 45 Senators have served 2 terms.

  • 20 Senators are serving first term.


Their job is to work for us, the American people.  

How have they been doing?

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