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Reacting to the pandemic to save lives

COVID Relief and Response has included:

  • Restricted travel from China in January 2020

  • White House Coronavirus Task Force established January 2020

  • Operation Warp Speed to accelerate a COVID vaccine by January 2021 to compress a 73-month process to 14-months (or shorter)

  • Decline of fatality rate by 85% for those over 70 during due to the COVID response

  • CARES Act relief funds expanded – Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act

  • US Stimulus Package of $8.3 billion covering Paycheck Protection Program, Families First, and $1,200 stimulus checks – passed May 2020

  • US Stimulus Package for second $1,200 stimulus check - in discussion October 2020

  • Provided COVID relief in cash, student loan relief, and eviction protection through four executive orders.

  • State-licensed pharmacists to order and administer COVID vaccines to enable easy access

  • Domestic production capacity of flock tip swabs expanded to 14.4 million per month to support COVID testing

  • Summer Free Meal program extended through December 2020 to ensure that all children have access to nutritious food

  • Farmers to Families Food Box program of an additional $1 billion to bridge the hunger gap.

  • Nursing homes received N95 respirators as part of $2.5 billion to increase testing, staffing, and PPE

  • Defense Production Act activated to prioritize securing PPE

  • Children’s hospitals to receive $1.4 billion in relief funds

  • Hospitals receive second round of funding of $10 billion by Dept of Health and Human Services

  • Distribution of 346 million masks to critical workers by FEMA, DHS, CISA

  • Ordered testing of 500,000 Americans every day

  • Coronavirus Food Assistance Program awarded over $545 million


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