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We should not continue the next four years wondering if the gig was rigged. Stand up loudly and reach out to the US Supreme Court. It is time to get involved.

So, your Twitter handle says #ProudPatriot and #MAGA and you send out 20 tweets a day, each one a gut punch with a clever zing. You love the repartee with folks who are strangers and you all belong to the tribe of Trump. It’s fun, it’s a relief, it’s a source of information. You are an electronic warrior in the fight for truth and justice. Well, sort of. At midnight the fight stops and restarts at 6am. But the real fight is not taking place on Social Media. That’s where we draw sides. We actually fight in the voting booth where we trust that our vote will be counted. If we don’t trust the voting system, then we have to get louder, in person, up close.

Here’s how this idea unfolds:

  • “I have over 300,000 followers on Twitter and I tell it like it is!” boasted an avid poster of succinct observations and commentary.

  • “What are you tweeting about lately?” inquired her father with sincere interest.

  • “I am calling out the fraud in the election!” said the Twitterer with righteous indignation.

  • “What is the impact of your tweets?” asked her father, a wise and bottom-line kind of guy.

  • The Twitter poster grinned and said, “I get over 1,000 likes / hearts each time I post!”

  • “And?” the father extended the sentence. “And is there a measurable action step from all the chatter?”

  • “Well, I don’t know” she replied, a little more subdued.

  • “So, post something that has an action step. Talk is cheap, complaining is popular, and worse, complaining after the fact is for sore losers expressing absolute defeatism,” the father advised while sorting the day’s mail.

  • “What do you mean?” The daughter leaned forward on the counter, picking out the ad for a new outside gym in the area.

  • “I mean …” The father looked her in the eye. “… that if you are certain in your observation and feel that there needs to be a change, then stand up and do something. It takes more than a clever retort through an app on the internet to create a result. If you are serious, then stop watching and get involved, really involved.”

  • “But I don’t have that kind of time,” she said with a bit of a whine in her voice. She had been hoping for a quick ‘bravo’ from her dad, and instead he was going on about taking up a cause and doing something.

  • “Then you really are not a stakeholder in the outcome. More of a bystander with witty asides.” The father went for a gut punch, knowing that his daughter would take action, just needed a nudge.

  • “But I really believe that there was fraud.” The daughter became adamant.

  • “Yes, I do too. I am angry. I love America, and this is not the American way. What should we do about it?” the father stirred his daughter even more.

He had always spoken about his love of America and all the freedoms they enjoyed. He would remind her on the 4th of July that this was a celebration of creating the most enviable society in the world. He would remind her at Thanksgiving that it was hard work and fair compromise that progresses this fabulous country. She had heard the red-white-and-blue adulation since she was born. Now his daughter was ready to be a part of helping this country that they both loved.

  • “Well, I suppose I could Tweet more,” offered the daughter.

  • “Yes, that is a great outlet for your indignation, but what are you going to really say? 1,000 responses to each Tweet could grow to 10,000 re-Tweets that could grow to 300,000, an impressive drum roll with thunderous words. But there’s an action step waiting to be called out!” The father was getting enthusiastic himself.

The action step was circling in their heads.

  • You could volunteer to the teams of lawyers who were preparing their filings, but you are not a lawyer.

  • You could offer to audit the Dominion and Smartmatic systems, but you are not a data scientist.

  • You could send money to the groups working day and night. But money alone is not the driver here.

There is a purpose for all this effort.

Stop. What is all the effort aiming to achieve?

We are looking for a legal ruling. To get a Justice from the Supreme Court of the United States to say that the voting systems were corrupted and the result from early November is inaccurate.

That’s it! The efforts are all focused on getting the US Supreme Court to agree to take the case!

So, what can you do, patriotic citizen, itching to help?

  • “I’m going to get a petition going,” said the daughter. “I want the US Supreme Court to know that my 300,000 followers give a damn about the crappy systems used to count the votes.”

  • “Good”, encouraged the father. “What is in your petition?”

  • Take the case. Hear the claims and let the American public, and the world, know that the vote in the USA was done properly. Hear the claims in the highest court for the highest office in the land. Either this was the best voting process that we Americans can do or else instruct each state to count every legal vote after the systems have been tested to work, no more gaming with ‘glitches.’”

  • “Sounds good. What else?”

  • There’s a revote for US Senators taking place in Georgia on January 5, 2021. Suppose we re-voted for the US President on the same day?

  • “Wow, that’s a big ask.” The father was beaming at his daughter. She was thinking! “Add that to your petition. As long as you are asking, go for the long shot.” He was encouraging her to really get into this project.

  • “Great, I’m going to call the petition ‘We the People Want True Vote Counts.’” She looked at him for affirmation.

  • “Can you get this done quickly?” he asked thinking there were only a few weeks until January 5, 2021.

  • “Yes, I am adding it to a website, creating a hashtag for Twitter, and …” She was on a tear.

  • “How about if people write to the US Supreme Court?” he added.

  • “Yeah, let’s bombard them with calls and postcards and emails!

  • “Now you really are an activist. You can Tweet your heart out and get some results happening.” He was grinning from ear to ear. His daughter was in love with justice, and she had the gumption to do something about it.

  • “Well, we have to fight a valiant fight. We know we are right. We just need our day in court,” she said as she ran over to the computer to make the magic happen.

Want to join the ‘We the People Want True Vote Counts’ brigade?

Here is your ammo, take up arms, and let’s do this!

Address: Supreme Court of the United States

1 First Street, NE

Washington, DC 20543

Postcard stamps are $0.35 and a postcard can be 4”x6”

eMail: Supreme Court Contact Us page at

Call: Tell it to the Judge: 202-479-3000

Public Information Office: 202-479-3211

Clerk's Office: 202-479-3011

Justices: Stephen Breyer . Clarence Thomas . John Roberts, Jr .

Neil Gorsuch . Samuel Alito Jr . Elena Kagan .

Sonia Sotomayor. Brett Kavanaugh . Amy Coney Barrett

Bottom Line

If we want action, we need to generate action. Tweet, Call, Write, Show Up. Let your voice be heard loudly.

Untrustable voting systems are no way to run an election, and it is no way to have unity in the greatest country in the world. If we want confidence in the vote for the President, we need to have the third branch of the federal government get involved and assure the citizens that we are going in the right direction.

Nearly half of the citizens of the US do not believe that the vote was free and fair.

We have one President for the entire United States, and the world is watching us closely.

It is critical for our country to be confident in our election so that we can be one nation that can stand up proudly and say that this election was indeed a full, free, and fair process.

We should not continue the next four years wondering if the gig was rigged. Stand up loudly and reach out to the US Supreme Court. It is time to get involved.

// is a site that lists the accomplishments of the Trump Administration by logical grouping for easy reading. The list is long. The list is impressive. Much more yet to accomplish.



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